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Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Controls Hair Loss in Just 2-3 Weeks
  • Rare Herbs Helps Retain Hair & Regrow Lost Hair
  • SLES & Paraben Free. No side effects
  • Hair Loss Stopped in Over 95% of Users
  • 68% Experienced Satisfactory Hair Regrowth
  • 83% of People Experienced Partial Regrowth
Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Lost Hair with IHT 9

Natural, Safe & Effective Hair Loss Therapy
IHT 9 is possibly the best hair loss therapy, today, which not only stop hair loss but also help regrow hair naturally. IHT 9 is revolutionary hair growth product based on the 5000 years old science of Ayurveda. This polyherbal ayurvedic formula for hair growth is the result of years of research and reviews. Developed by Ayurvedacharyas, the IHT 9 therapy is reviewed and recommended by dermatologists for scientific management and prevention of hair loss. IHT 9 helps in regeneration of new hair. Results are visible within 2 to 3 weeks of regular use in majority of cases. IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy is the perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern production technology. Regular use of this kit is recommended for a healthier, more vital scalp and for visibly improved hair density.

Why is IHT 9 Best Hair Loss Therapy?
- SLES, Paraben & Phthalates Free
- No Chemicals hence no side effects
- IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy has combination of rare herbs which help retain hair and regrow lost hair as well
- Effective yet SAFEST Hair Loss Therapy
- Proven natural ingredients stop hair loss and promotes hair growth
- Controls excessive hair loss in just 2-3 weeks and regrowth is visible after this period in most of the cases (View Table below)
- IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy is effective for both men and women
- Contains rare Ayurvedic medicines that nourishes, cleanses and stimulates hair follicles which as a result start growing lost hair

How Does IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Work?
IHT 9 is a natural approach to stop hair loss. It contains rare Indian herbs known for their hair regrowing properties. In all conditions of baldness, the hair follicles either become weak because of undernourishment or stop producing hair. IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy intensively nourishes balding scalp and stimulate weak hair follicles which in turn starts (re)growing healthy hair without any side effects. The ayurvedic scalp cleansers and conditioner in the shampoo keeps hair healthy (infection free) and in good shape. The most significant property of IHT 9 is that it does not interfere with harmonal balance (or imbalance) of your body. And therefore is the SAFEST remedy for hair regrowth. IHT 9, therefore, is the best hair loss therapy for men and women.

Another feature of IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy is that one can continue to use it even after the successful treatment of the hair problem. Infact, 97% of its user continue using IHT 9.

Does IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Works for Everyone?
Unfortunately (but honest) the answer is NO. If your hair bulbs are dead, treatment would be of no use. The hair bulb lies inside the hair follicle. It is a structure of actively growing cells, which eventually produce the long fine cylinder of a hair. New cells are continuously produced in the lower part of the bulb. As no treatment would bring a dead root to life, we give you NO FALSE HOPES. The following table would give you the idea of efficacy of IHT 9 and also average period of treatment over different conditions of hair:

Hair Problems Average Treatment Period

Hair Problems  Hair Problems 
Hair loss  2 to 6 Months
Alopecia  Variable on the state of hair
Baldness Variable on the state of hair 
Premature Greying 6 Months 
Dandruff 1 Month 
Drug Induced Hair Loss 3 to 6 Months 
Disease Induced Hair Loss 3 to 6 Months 

What Does IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Contains?
IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Kit is power packed with 3 Ayurvedic Products. It contains IHT 9, the world's popular Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Hair Oil. Equally EFFECTIVE FOR MEN & WOMEN, this natural hair therapy plan has no side effects. IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy is recommended for * Severe Hair Loss Problem, * Thinning of Hair & Baldness, * Recurrent Dandruff, * Dry & Itchy Scalp and * Dry Hair Associated with Other Hair Disease

IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Kit can be used by anyone who wants healthy hair and disease free scalp.

IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy contains 3 highly effective Ayurvedic Products:
* IHT 9 Hair Regrowth Shampoo: Serenoa Serrulata, Rosa Damascena, Eblica Officinalis, Eclipta Alba, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Barbadensis Miller, Azadirachta Indica, Plantapon SF
* IHT 9 Hair Conditioner: Aloe Vera, Soya Protein, Holy Basil, Rosemary Extract, Coconut Oil, Heena Extract, Natural Vitamin E, Rose Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil
* IHT 9 Hair Oil: Olive Oil, Soya Oil, Walnut Oil, Sesame oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Fenugreek Seeds extract, Neem extract, Bhringraj extract, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) extract, Bhrami extract, Jatamansi extract, Aloe vera extract

How to use IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Kit?
STEP 1: Apply IHT 9 Natural Hair Oil over clean dry hair. Rub hands together then work through hair from roots to ends. Then, massage oil gently into scalp. Keep overnight or at least for an hour before wash.

STEP 2: Apply IHT 9 Shampoo sufficiently over wet hair, gently massage in circular movements with finger tips for a few seconds. Leave for two minutes and rinse off.

STEP 3: Apply IHT 9 Hair Conditioner generously all over hair from the roots to the ends. Its action is instantaneous. It dose not lather. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desire.

IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy Kit has everything your hair need. Simultaneous use of the natural yet powerful and most effective hair loss products combination almost immediately stop hair loss & thinning of hair:

- IHT 9 is a specially formulated herbal hair shampoo based on the science of Ayurveda which can actually regrow hair within weeks. It is a safe (with no side effects), healthy & compeletely natural approach to combat hair loss.
- IHT 9 Natural Hair Conditioner contains Aloe Vera, Soya Protein and Natural Vitamin E. All these are known for their excellent natural hair conditioning properties & can be used to condition all hair types including dry, curly, oily hair & damaged hair.
- IHT 9 Natural Hair Oil is a special preparation made from rare herbs and oils as prescribed in Auyrveda. It penetrates into the scalp and nourishes hair roots. Prevents hair fall and reduces thinning of hair and baldness. Improves blood supply to the scalp and thus rejuvenates weak, limp and dull hair.

Facts & Figures
- Not a Miracle Product. IHT 9 is an Ayurvedic Formula for Hair Regrowth
- Hair Loss Stopped in Over 95% of Users
- 68% Experienced Satisfactory Hair Regrowth
- 83% of People Experienced Partial Regrowth of Hair
- 97% Responded They would Continue Using IHT 9 Kit

A Win Win Formula!
- Honestly Marketed. No Gimmicks.
- No False Promises
- 100% Risk Free.
- 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

IHT 9 Intensive Hair Loss Therapy Pack has as the most successful rate of treating hair loss. But it will NOT work over the scalp area where the hair bulbs are dead. Infact, no treatment would bring a dead root to life, we give you no false hopes. In all other cases, if you are not satisfied, we will give your money back. However, this SLS, PARABEN and PHTHALATES free hair loss therapy makes it a PERFECT daily hair care plan as this can be used by anyone who wants healthy hair and disease free scalp.

What do people say?
Here are some of the reviews of our customers for IHT 9 Intensive Hair Loss Therapy:

This kit is great! It thickens your hair and stops hair loss. I am glad I tried it. Since, it has all natural ingredients therfore I have decided to make it my permanent hair shampoo/conditioner.
Great Stuff! - Julie Moss, Brooklyn, NY

I have been using IHT 9 hair therapy since last 3 weeks and I have noticed hair regrowth on top. The overall look and health of my hair has also improved. I just needed some shampoo that was good for fine hair. I am glad that I found IHT 9. I would surely recommend this kit.
- J. Mathews, Brooklyn, NY

My hair is, now, visibly thicker and fuller, with improved shine. Though I am not yet sure of hair regrowth, but my friends say that they notice new tiny hair on my balding area. I have never been so much satisfied with any other hair loss product. One thing which I can say at this moment is that if you use a shampoo ( whether balding or not), use IHT 9. This is made of 100% natural ingredients and therefore does not harm your hair like other products made with harsh chemicals.
- Kristin T, Roanoke, VA

This is excellent hair therapy. I used to depend on popular brands and also wasted a lot of money on various hair regrowth formulas available online. But IHT 9 is so much better. It is very mild on your hair, all natural and organic, without harmful chemicals, and best of all it works! Give it a few days to see results. It has given my hair and confidence back! Do try it for once and you'll use this regularly as I do.
- Harry Singh, Meridian, ID

I tried this because I was loosing hair very fast. I can't beleive that after about 1 1/2 weeks of usage the hair fall has stopped completely and very thin hair are visible on bald area. Hair density has increased and I back to normal mood ( I was very upset because of hair loss, I am just 29... and it was horrifying). I will be reordering this product. Thanks IHT 9!
- Mary Y, KY

I bought this for myself four months back, and have saved my hair because of it. Not only I got my hair back but the condition of my hair has also improved. Apart from people who are facing hair loss, I also recommend this product to anyone who feels their hair has become limp and lifeless.
- Karin, Louisville, KY

I have tried many shampoos with natural ingredients, and none of them work as well as this one does! I was looking for a natural hair regrowth shampoo and this shampoo honestly delivers what it claims. Anyone who struggles with very fine hair will find this kit a blessing. This is the very best hair loss product I have ever used.
- Laura, Los Angeles, CA

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