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Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Controls Hair Loss in Just 2-3 Weeks
  • Rare Herbs Helps Retain Hair & Regrow Lost Hair
  • SLES & Paraben Free. No side effects
  • Hair Loss Stopped in Over 95% of Users
  • 68% Experienced Satisfactory Hair Regrowth
  • 83% of People Experienced Partial Regrowth

Does IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Works?

Here are some of the reviews of our customers for herbal hair shampoo IHT 9:

I have been using this IHT 9 since last 3 months. My hair loss has stopped and they look better than before. I don't know wheather it can regrow hair but in my case (hair loss) it has given me satisfactory results. Would certainly recommend to others.
- Sarah, Sydney, Australia

I do have thinned hair on top, and a receding hair-line. After I heard about this natural hair growth IHT 9 therapy, I thought of giving it a try. I noticed an immediate thickening of the indiviudal hair folicles and after 6 weeks of use I'm seeing a number of new growth of hairs even at front. Its amazing and I definately keep this using.
- Joe, New York

IHT 9 was the only product that actually worked for me. I used it after doing a little research over the Internet. I decided to try it and it did what promised. I got hair volume back.
- Alex, Los Angeles, CA

I'm convinced this product has stopped any further hair loss. I have been using IHT 9 for I would guess close to 18 months. Not greasy. Not sticky. I know that I will stay with it!
- Sally, Houston, TX

My mother was suffering hair loss due to age and medications. She has been using this product since 2 months and we could see a difference. It has all the natural ingredients and therefore harmless.
- Tanya, Newtown, CT

- IHT 9 has delivered what it promises! This made my hair fuller, and very manageable. Will buy again!
- P. Edison, Truckee, CA, USA

This product is absolutely wonderful! I really like the way my hair feels after washing with this. My hair loss has stopped completely and I can attest to it's effectiveness.
- Michael, Lincoln, NE